Wooden Bar Card Holders

Playing Card
Bar Holders

Herb Lakin
Designer & Manufacturer
These Custom Wooden Playing Card Holders are Great For Children, Seniors and Disabled.
Playing Cards Are Easily Arranged and Held!

 3 Slot Bar Card Holder Wooden Bar Card

Select Pine Wood

Playing Card Holders - Hand and Foot - Bridge - Samba
Canasta - 5 Crowns - Old Maid - Go Fish

We Have Quality Wooden Card Holders
They are Sanded & Varnished - Ideal Gifts

The Card Holders DO NOT - Include Playing Cards
Wood Products have natural defects such as knot holes and dings.
These are not considered defects in the wooden card holders.

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Great For
Birthdays - Christmas -Special Occasions

3 Slot Bar Card Holder 3 Slot
Wooden Card Holders
Great For Gifts

Wood Bar has 3 Slots & Holds 50+ Cards
2 for $14.00 - 4 for $25
20 for $100
       3 Slots - Wood Bar
Size:  1.5"H  x  11"L  x  1.5"W
   3 Slots in Bar
 Wood Bar Card Holder
 2 Wooden Card Holders
  ......$14.00 + $8.00 Ship= $22.00
 4 Wooden Card Holders........ $25.00 + $12.00 Ship= $37.00
8 Wooden Card Holders........ $56.00 + $19.00 Ship= $75.00

 20 Wooden Card Holders ...... $100.00 + $22.00 Ship= $122.00

Other Quanties Available - Call us!

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3 Slot Wooden Bar Card Holder
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